Saturday, May 26, 2007

How are these possibly my children?

Many of you that know me, are quite aware of my aversion to cheese. I HATE cheese. I only eat it on a couple of things - Lasagna & Pizza. And then I want VERY LITTLE cheese on my portion. However God has quite a sense of humor in blessing me with two children who do not seem to have the ability to go even one day with out a slice of cheese. I don't even like to touch the stuff. I don't like how it feels between my fingers. I don't like the smell of it. And I surely despise the taste of it. I remember the day my niece found out I didn't like cheese. She was 3 and we were in McDonalds. I asked for a hamburger - she of course wanted cheese. When I said I didn't care for cheese she YELLED ACROSS the restuarant "Mame, did you know Aunt Laudie doesn't like cheese?" - she was truly mortified!
When Emma started eating real food and we gave her cheese I watched to see her reaction. She loved it. Her favorite meal was (and still is!) Diced veggies & two slices of cheese. Or Crackers, Watermelon & 2 slices of cheese. I shudder at the thought of it. I do however open the package for her because really she's a little young to be doing it herself.

Enter Sam - he's recently decided he will not eat something if he can't do it himself (GREAT another independent child!). So one day I reach for that stuff in the fridge that Emma so loves, and I so dislike - that's right a slice of cheese. He grins with delight. He like his sister savors every bite of a grilled cheese. He sucks the cheese off of his cheeseburger. Pizza is a favorite because there is cheese right on top. Cheese, cheese, cheese!
Now while I can't imagine what they love about this item they have chosen as their favorite I'll try not to complain - you see it makes a very easy lunch or snack. Pair it with fruit or veggies and they are good for hours. But seriously - where did they get this love from?

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