Thursday, April 26, 2007

One down one to go!

Sam had to go to MMC today for an ultrasound of his kidney's & bladder. First off let me say have you ever had to get a 9 mos old to lay fairly still while someone squirted warm jelly on their belly and then tickled them with the camera? UGH. It had to be done though and overall he did great. I packed lots of toys, and snacks. We got there a little early so he could get out some energy and have a bottle before hand. They took us right on time and the sonographer was GREAT. She was quick and did the best she could with a wriggling, laughing boy. My un-trained eye though is 99% sure the cyst got larger instead of smaller. She brought up the original ultrasound from Oct and had it next to the one she was working on. When she compared the measurements it was bigger. Now it could be the actual cyst, or just the clogged duct. UGH. Either way I'm expecting a call from either the ped or the urologist next week. I'm hoping & praying they don't want to do another VCUG a test where they put dye in him and see if it'll back-track into his bladder. That test was not fun the first time and I suspect it would be even less fun a second time.
Tomorrow is Emma's ultrasound at MMC to check her kidney's for my kidney disease. I pray she doesn't have it. It would make life SO much easier for her. I'm also trying to come up with a good 'bribe' if you will for her to be good during the ultrasound. I think it'll be to stop for an ice cream on the way home. Smiling Hill is doing buy one get one half off...hrm...

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