Sunday, April 22, 2007

So much to do...such little time!

Three weeks and we need to be out of the house we're in. UM...well really less than that as D has to work the weekend we'd have to move so really 2-1/2 weeks. YIKES! Where are we going till we can move into our house? NO IDEA. UGH. Anyway there is packing and moving to be done. And again we're going thru things that we don't want to move and tossing stuff or freecycling it. Or e-baying it. I've got a small box of stuff to list on e-bay tonite. I have so much stuff to list but it isn't all here and frankly I'm not unpacking it just to list it. To do after we move :)

Tonite D is in Camden with our friend A. D is doing some support raising and he needed/wanted to chat with A about some things so he asked him to ride up with him. I pray that both the support raising and the chat are successful.

Today S was the only child in the nursery ~ and he had SO much fun. At the most there are usually only 3 of them in there so when 2 kids are not there well he ends up being the only one. Needless to say he had SO much fun. Robin & Sara took GREAT care of him. He wasn't distracted and managed to drink his entire bottle. LOL. I guess he has them wrapped...he makes them sit on the floor with him facing all the kids so he can see what's going on when he has a bottle...LOL Oh dear...yeah he is the only small baby in there (and really he's not that small) so let's be realistic...he's spoiled!

E has learned SO much in her new class ~ and it's sticking with her. I love the take-home-papers that she brings home each week. We get to sit and talk about what they learned. Plus I realized today (I know it only took 4 mos) that there is a memory verse on the take home paper. I think I'm going to start teaching her the verses each week.

Well warmer temps this week ~ WOO HOO! And the snow is gone. Course with no yard looks like we'll be playing on the sidewalk this week...ugh

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