Monday, March 5, 2007

A crawling boy, and a trip to the salon

Sam has started crawling. Last Tuesday to be exact. I'm still not real happy about it. I know I should be - it's a great milestone. I'm not. It means I can no longer put him down and know that when I come back he will be in the same place that I left him. Thankfully he doesn't get too far.....YET. Sometimes he gets SO excited about the idea of crawling that his hands and legs are going but they are not actually touching the ground. Then he gets MAD. I know soon enough though he will be EVERYWHERE. The cats also are not impressed ~ this yelling, crying, jumping loud thing is now down on their level and is getting closer to them. Needless to say they're asking to go out a whole lot more.

Last week I took Emma to the salon for the first time. We've had many hair cuts before but never a trip to the Salon. She was SO excited and I'm pretty sure Ellen ~ the gal who cuts my hair ~ was just as excited as Emma was. She let Emma help wash my hair, wrap it in a towel, etc. Then it was Emma's turn. She didn't get it washed, but she got a nice cut - it's to her shoulders now and her bangs are about even ~ and then Ellen let her pick whatever hair pretty she wanted for it. And to top it off ~ chocolate. Two pieces actually ~ one for each hand. Emma was THRILLED!

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