Wednesday, March 7, 2007

A loud SMACK and crocodile tears

Sam loves sitting on the floor playing with his Fisher-Price train we bought him for Christmas. Honestly it was the best money we've spent on a toy for him so far. He loves all the animals that ride in the different 'cars'. It plays a song that isn't annoying. Plus you can turn the volume down. LOVE that! So this morning he was playing with the engine & the giraffe on the floor. He had been sitting for a while playing - doing so well. And just as I was about to get up to toss a pillow behind him just in case.....SMACK. He fell over backward and smacked his head. The largest crocodile tears I have ever seen came streaming down his face. You knew it hurt. Yeah he's my crier...but I know it's 'real' when there are big 'ol tears going along with it ~ and this morning there were LOTS of them.

Today we are trying to be creative and come up with some things to do. It's just SO cold out. And I refuse to go to Bible Study and put the kids in the nursery so they can get sick. Cause really that's what happens. It's just not worth it to me ~ but that's for another post. Anyway...Emma has played so much playdough, beads, coloring, drawing, Mr Potato Head, Leap Pad...the list goes on and on. Trying to keep busy when you can't play outside is hard. I'm done with it for this winter....SO done with it. Tomorrow is preschool ~ thankfully!

Time to start working on some lunch...maybe later today I can post those pictures of Emma at the salon....or maybe I'll take a nap :)

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