Thursday, January 18, 2007

What a difference some prayer makes!

Seriously - I don't know how people with out the Lord do it! Prayer is amazing. Being able to say OUT LOUD "God you need to help me with this" or "God I want to forgive them - help me to forgive" or my favorite "MOVE OUT OF MY WAY" to that 'mountain' is just amazing. And to be able to ask people to pray for you - and they do and even though they do not know the entire situation they can pray anyway.
All that being said my attitude is definately better than it was in my earlier post. I think I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel - or at least I sure hope!

D's vacation for the trip to Kentucky got approved. Mixed feelings on that one. I know it'll be good for him to go...but I'm still not impressed with everything else. But alas one battle at a time my at a time. And really at this point - my plate is FULL!
So I spoke too soon on getting the van inspected. It needs new tires. UGH. Thankfully Monday was a paid holiday for D so he gets an extra 8 hours of Holiday pay which translates into extra hours of overtime. Hopefully that should about cover it.
Tomorrow is supposed to be snowy weather again. Have I mentioned I hate snow? The snow plow just went by salting the road. We probably will get more rain/ice than anything. Which is fine...if it MELTS the ice we already have. Seriously I feel like I should have skates on to get to the van. OK - so there's a negative about living at the beach! More ice than snow! All that coastal mixing? Yep we get it!
Time for this gal to hit the sack. It's way later than I should be up. Busy weekend ahead - Katie is coming to visit and play with the kids and we're having dinner w/ N & A. WOO HOO! I've got to make a cheesecake at some point in there to take to N & A's...
ok so there goes the snow plow again...better check to see if there's a parking ban...another thing about living in town...

check out this website - tonight I made the chai & the hot chocolate. Can't wait to try the home made granola & homemade tortilla's. Trying to save $$ where I can and it looks like this will help!

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