Saturday, January 27, 2007


It is COLD! It hasn't been above freezing and I do not like this one bit. I don't mind the cold...I don't like the frigid cold. And this is frigid cold. I wish it would warm up just enough to melt some of the ice...the ice that caused me to slip this week and fall. I caught myself...and landed on my right hand...still hurts two days later. GRR. It'll be time for some more tylenol soon - which will hopefully take care of the pain in my wrist. I'm really hoping I just jammed it and nothing more - but it aches quite badly.

Tonight was D's last night of nights. But the tenants pipes froze so he called in to stay home and try to thaw them. What a pain that is. Seriously I want a house - a house that is ours. One where we don't have mangy cats, or someone elses furniture, or dishes or anything else. I want a yard that my kids can play in, and their own bedrooms. I love Sam dearly but I want him out of my room. And not in his sister's room. Back to looking I suppose!

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