Tuesday, December 5, 2006


I hate being sick. There is nothing worse than feeling crummy. I thought for SURE it was strep. Nope it's just viral. Which has it's goods and bads....good it's not strep....bad I've got to let it run it's course and hope and PRAY that they kids don't get it.
On a positive note we got 99% of our Christmas shopping completed last night. YEAH! It feels SOOO good to have THAT all out of the way. Just a few things left to pick up and one thing to make - which is taking me a while. :-\ I love making the scrapbook pages for my mom, but it takes SOOOO much work. And seeing that my scrapbooking stuff isn't here it requires me GOING to her house to actually do it. I know - where is the surprise in that? Well I'll get all the pictures in w/ all the stickers, and such - and then I'll do the journaling here at home. My pens don't take up that much space.
Tonight I'm thinking I'm going to go thru ALL the presents for the kids (stockings included) to see if there is anything I'm missing or anything I need to return (I totally forgot about some things I got for E's stocking - OOOPPS!)

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