Saturday, December 9, 2006


Ever have something just irritate you over and over and over and over and over again????? And you think to yourself "surely this is not THAT big of a deal" and so you bite your tongue only to experience it AGAIN? Today was one of those days. HRM. Somedays I wish I would just spit out to whomever was doing the ticking "you know it irritates me when you do that"....but alas I don't say a word ~ hoping that it will just go away. It never does and sooner or later I'll learn. Maybe because I don't know exactly how to say it with out snapping their head off is why I just bite my tongue. Seriously though - it's amazing I don't have a hole IN MY TONGUE.

Oh and here's something else. Why are groceries not the same price chain-wide???? For instance the bread I bought today was $1.19 in Waterboro it's 99 cents....Milk today was $4.05...waterboro $3.85 - there was very little on my list today but it's all cheaper at the Waterboro Hannaford than at Saco (and I know this because I comparison shop ALL THE TIME on these things)... Just seems WRONG.

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