Saturday, December 2, 2006

An unexpected sleepover

So Friday night was turning out to be just about like every other Friday night here ~ Daddy had left to go to work. E was finishing up her dinner (S-L-O-W-L-Y) and S was snackin' after he ate. And then it went DARK. And then light...and then DARK...and briefly light and then VERY DARK... Yes the power was out. And I had 2 crying kids. In the dark. So I inch around to find a flashlight. Get a light for E. And up the stairs to find the phone.
We ended up leaving and going to my parents for the night and had a sleepover. E of course was VERY excited. S could have cared less. I have never packed some clothes so quickly as I did last night. The power came back in a fairly reasonable amount of time...but with my luck if I had stayed - at 11 pm it still would have been dark and then COLD. So we enjoyed a night at the rents and I got a lot of my scrapbook pictures sorted. Here's hoping we won't experience THAT for a while!

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