Saturday, December 23, 2006

Two days until Crhistmas

That's right...only two days until Christmas. And there is one little girl in this house who is VERY excited. She is just full of energy and excitement. And really who can blame her? She's three years old! She knows what is coming. PRESENTS!
The nice thing is that we've been able to spend a lot of time talking about Jesus and how he was a gift to us ~ not to be mistaken with the presents that she will be getting.... She has been running around saying "Behold I bring you good news" pretending to be an angel. Or pretending to be Mary with a blanket over her head and Samuel is supposed to be the baby Jesus ~ except he doesn't stay still and cooperate so she is not impressed with that. I of course am thrilled that we've been able to have these talks and she asks all the questions she does. Even if it makes me go "huh?? where did you come up with that?" at least she's thinking. :-)

Hopefully tonight will be a nice quite night of munching on peppermint bark, sipping cranberry gingerale and just general relaxing. Here's hoping ;-)

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