Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Back to Reality

The tree is down, the decorations packed away, and the sweets disappearing quickly! Emma is of course very confused as to why Christmas is "over". She was more upset that we kept saying "happy boxing day" than anything else. SIGH
Overall it was a fun day with family. Emma was VERY excited that "Santa" ate her cookies, drank the milk and left her a present. Along with one for Sam and one for the cats. Yes, that's right... Mumma & Moses got a present. They are SO spoiled.

Today we went and did drive-by's of two houses. Both have potential ~ from the outside anyway. One is on a dead-end road and there is a farm next door. The land is fairly flat so we could have a nice garden, and I'm thinking I could convince D to build me a chicken coup so that I could have some egg-laying hens. :-)
The other is a nice Colonial with some wooded land around it (2 acres I think). Some nice trees to cut down and have for firewood and it has a nice established back yard. It's a bit closer to the highway for D, and lets face it... I LOVE colonials. Plus it has a daylight basement for D's office.
Here's hoping we can get somewhere with one of them......

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