Thursday, January 12, 2012

In just a moment....

My dear Richarmie
It's January 12.
A day that in one moment everything in your life changed. 
A moment that is in your memory.  

A moment when everything you had no matter how much or little it was, was gone.

In an instant.  

In just one moment, one tick of the clock everything you knew, everything that was home, everyone that was family changed.

It's a moment, an instant that can never be changed.  

On this day, two years ago, you lost your parents.  Richarmie I know you tried.  I know you tried to reach them.  You also had a little brother, Djemson that needed to be protected.  Who was most likely just as confused as you were, if not more.

The tears you cried that day, and the weeks that followed I simply can not imagine.  

If I could be there today to hold you, to pray with you and over you, I would.  I would be there in a moment.  Instead I'm here, and you are there.  I hope you re-read my last letter and know that I pray for you every day.  

Today is different though.  I pray your heart is comforted.  I pray you understand that we want to honor what your parents started.  I pray that you know that we love you and Djemson.  

I also want you to know that exactly eleven months after that devastating moment  I saw your picture for the first time.  I heard your story.  

That moment is forever in my memory. 

A moment where everything changed.

In an instant.

One moment, one tick of the clock, where everything that was life as I knew it changed.

There were tears that would not stop.  I don't think I had ever felt that physically ill over someone who I had never met before.  I cried for weeks, for you and Djemson.  I laid in bed awake each night wondering about you and realizing that everything I knew was changing.  

In just that one moment our lives were forever changed by you.  

I love you my sweet Richarmie.  

I love you for that moment of changing our lives.

I love you for all the moments yet to come.  


Anonymous said...

The love you have in your heart for these two kids are so wonderful. May we all learn from this experience. I pray they will be with you all soon

Anonymous said...

This is beyond touching! The only thing that pains me more is that you aren't reunited yet. If I had the money I would give it all to you. I'm praying what you've started will quickly multiply so you may bring your babies home.