Monday, September 13, 2010

Mom Olympics

Sometimes I wish I could enter a mom Olympics contest. Mom's are great a so many things but there are rarely gold medals. I could place in "nursing a baby & making a sandwich". Imagine that contest as moms are feeding their new bundle while flipping a grilled cheese or two. Re-swaddling in the dark. Now there is a great one.
Burping the baby. Eh...not so great. My husband would be spectacular at that. I have pictures of him burping Lovergirl when she was just a day or two old and his hand looks gigantic holding her up. He could always get that last burp out of the kids.

My latest sport in mom Olympics would be 'redressing a toddler in the dark 2 hours after you have fallen asleep....' Oh yes...picture it now. You have been asleep for 2 hours and crying wakes you from the other room. You stumble out of your bed not reaching for the light. The night light in the bathroom guides you to the child's bedroom. You must quickly feel around in the bed to find the child who is crying JUST a bit louder. Your goal is to redress the child in a sleeper with out waking anyone else up. Once the child is found (because really...which toddler stays head on pillow, body down from there) find pajamas that are on by only one leg...which is on the WRONG leg. Place shivering arms in the sleeper all while 'sshhhhing' to help the child calm down. Take leg off wrong leg and straighten pjs out. Place the shivering legs in the correct wholes and find zipper. ZIPPPPP with out zipping any shivering body parts ~ belies getting zipped in sleepers makes for screaming. SHHHHHH child again and re-cover with blankets.

Stumble back into bed and lay their wide awake. A major victory has happened. No one else woke up and you accomplished this in a pitch dark room. You can now lay awake for the next 45 minutes and try to get back to sleep.

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