Monday, August 30, 2010

Thank goodness for sunglasses

Thank goodness for sunglasses. I needed mine this morning as that sweet girl who saved my life got on that big yellow bus for her first day of 2nd grade. Maybe it was the hub-bub of getting everyone ready to walk to the bus stop. Or the fact that she and our neighbor looked great dressed for the 1st day of school ~ and had each grown a ton! It could have been that I'm pretty sure I failed school supply list 101 and sent the wrong item with her and have yet to purchase the item I think the teacher was talking about. It might have been her cute Justice shirt, hot pink converse sneakers and brightly colored socks that made my eyes form tears from their brightness. Of course there was when the bus driver gave out her seat assignment at the back of the bus! She's still my baby! She goes up front right?

Where are these tears coming from?

It might simply have been the fact that she's growing up...and she IS the girl who saved my life. She's smart, funny, and would do anything for anyone. She will do GREAT in 2nd grade. For today though I'm going to be wearing my sunglasses.


~Dawn~ said...

I would be too...for that sweet, amazing girl, and for her momma!

Mama H said...

I love PROUD MAMA moments! :) Aaaawwwwww....thanks for sharing.

On a side note: Seriously, she SAVED your life!!! I'm still in awe about what an awesome little girl you have!