Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The inconvenient night?

Last night was a night I wasn't really looking forward to.  Well I was...but yet I wasn't.  It really was to me an inconvenient night.  It rained so I choose to not head to soccer practice.  I REALLY wanted to go to Chili's for the St Judes fundraiser...but did I?  It meant packing up 3 kids and driving 35 min into town.  Managing 3 kids at a restaurant ALONE while husband drove there from work (which was another 30 min NORTH of where we were).  Antics with 3 kids while waiting for food?  AH so inconvenient. 

How very selfish of me.  I came to that conclusion when thinking of my friend Dawn and her family doing the very same thing...coloring peppers in the restaurant, ordering some yummys...but the big difference?  She was missing her hero.  Her son died of cancer.  UGH.  How many times did she or her husband have to go places and manage the kids alone because the other was in the hospital with Bub?  How many times did she wish they could even go out to eat?  How many meals did she eat on the run?  Or did they eat alone?  How could I complain about an inconvenience of one night?  I had ALL my children with me and healthy! 

Yes I had a bill of over $50 for dinner.  Yes, I listened to kids fuss on the way home.  Yes, they were jumping in the booth and peeking at other people. 
I gained perspective though.  My children learned that not all kids are healthy and able to go to soccer, and dance like they do.  Or even go out to dinner like they can.  I learned to be grateful for what I have around me.  To think of others and the paths they have walked. 

It surely can not be labeled an inconvenient night.

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