Monday, June 14, 2010


Friday marked freedom for me. Freedom from the therapy schedule. We discharged on Friday!! Freedom to drive! Yesterday I went to the grocery store. ALONE. Quiet ride. No one bugging me about this cereal or that ice cream. I even took my blood pressure just to see how it was doing groceries alone 124/68!

Now that there is this freedom I'm realizing though there are thoughts that I need to blog about:

That last surgery and how those two nights in the hospital went.
The appointment with the eye surgeon and his disappointment
How I watch my family do something fun and think of what it would have been like with out me here.
The gratefulness I feel when I would watch someone be wheeled into therapy who had the same brain aneurysm as me one month before me. How I would fight back the tears each week. I walked into that room and then I was going home at the end of the day.

Yesterday was our 3 month post aneurysm celebration. The kids didn't know why they all got a lobster and I got to munch all the parts they for whatever reason didn't eat (who leaves an entire tail?)

As part of recovery husband and I are starting a new work out. The weather may not cooperate this week, but we'll still going to do it. The Couch 2 5k. After everything my body has been thru I KNOW it's capable of doing this!

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Mama H said...

A 5K, eh? GOOD TIMES....Good luck to you, my friend! I've always wanted to do that....but I still have yet to accomplish it. Good luck, my friend. I know you can do it!