Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Not taking any chances

My body has been in overdrive. In the last three weeks in this house alone there has been strep, 2 seperate ear infections and a bronchial infection. There are four other people and each one had something of the above. SERIOUSLY! Somehow the first 2 weeks of being home all of it was avoided. Also the fact that when any doctor heard what I had been thru instantly put the sick person on antibiotics so to help get rid of it.

Until this week. Monday afternoon it was like someone flipped a switch inside me. I started to feel awful. Then the sneezing. (Also let me add when you sneeze and you are missing part of your skull...OUCH) By Tuesday morning I had been thru an entire box of tissues! A friend stopped with me at a health food store on the way home from therapy to get me some immune booster.
By last night though I just wanted to crawl into bed. Just before I did I took my temp and I had a low grade fever ~ which would have been higher but I had been taking Tylenol every four hours. That right there just won me a trip to see my doctor today.

Who was out of town.

The person who was covering for him was super nice though. She reviewed some things with me and decided that even though there was no fluid in my ears, negative on strep I still had swollen glands and was clearly fighting something that I too was getting an antibiotic. She simply said "I'm not taking any chances with you." I have surgery on Monday and there is always the possibility that I have picked up and been carrying around some awful bug from the hospital and she'd like to zap anything she can.

We got instructions if I wasn't better by Friday as to what I should do (cancel Mondays surgery and get myself back in there) but she was thinking by Friday morning we should see a huge improvement.
Here's hoping!

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