Saturday, April 24, 2010

Getting Ready

This weekend we are gearing up for surgery on Monday morning. This will be the second eye surgery and we are praying that on Tuesday morning when they take off the bandage I'll have 2 working eyes! With that though comes a list of things I can't do. The tell them in a 3 little rules:
1. no laying flat. You must be elevated at all times when laying down
2. no bending over. So if there is something on the floor you need I've got to either scootch down...OR ask someone else to get it
3. no lifting ANYTHING heavy.

There is another that I don't laying on my side. I sleep terrible that way on my back elevated so strike one...mama is a little on edge.

At first glance one thinks 'oh not so hard'.

I disagree.

In order to relax on the couch the said patient carries her 3 pillows downstairs to prop herself up. To go to bed, she carries them all back up.

She goes to get her socks on and accidently drops one on the floor. How to scoop it to get that sock? Pour yourself some gingerale and your 2 year old throws her arms up in the air and says "I want to hold you" (meaning please hold me). No bending to get anything in or out of the oven. No unloading the dishwasher. No emptying the dryer. The list could go on and on!

There are some things that can be down now to help with this ~ like this weekend we'll do ALL the laundry get it folded and put away. We'll bring up more paper plates, and cups. Yes, somewhere there will be a landfill with our name on it, but really I'd rather see!
So this weekend we'll spend it getting ready for this surgery and recovery. Groceries, laundry, and more!

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Karen said...

I usually use paper plates for baseball season but no one is in baseball this year so I am not using them. Therefore you can have my spot in the landfill! ;)
I am praying for 100% restoration! I believe soon you'll be allowed to do all those things you need and want to do!!
Love you,