Monday, February 8, 2010

Adventures in Potty Training

I think we've had an 'aha' moment with Buddy. He does much better if he's not wearing pants. *sigh* So yes my cute stick like little boy runs around in his sweatshirt, t-shirt, underpants, socks & sneakers. It really is a sight. However, it seems to be doing the trick. (Thank you to my new friend Renee for the confirmation of trying this!) He doesn't ALWAYS tell us with time to get him to the potty, but he knows he doesn't like it running down his legs. The minute you put pants on him though he could play for hours and be wet. YUCK. He's also learning that this mama just KNOWS when he does need to go. How? Ah well thats when he yells louder and more often from the bathroom "I no like to P on the potty" and to which I reply with "I no like to change your diaper so go P on the potty" Today is week 4 (I think) and it's really been significantly better.

Trible on the other hand will stay dry ALL morning and not even be aware that she is P'ing. So we're using more cloth diapers with her to help her 'figure it out'. If she says she needs to go we try, but so far she just likes the idea of sitting near her brother.

So while I'm not completely confined to the house for the next six months I do have to plan going places very carefully. Buddy REALLY wanted to bring his own potty seat to church with him this past week ~ and we may just do that this week. Hopefully by then he'll be wearing pants *wink*

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