Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Goodbye Diapers...hello potty

For the 4th time I gave potty training a try with Buddy. In the past we've tried briefly for one morning (2 hours) and well it has been obvious that he wasn't getting it...back to diapers we'd go. Well I'm tired of washing cloth diapers and forking over $$ to my disposable diaper comany of choice (although I will admit to loving the smell of a freshly opened package of Pampers...AHHH). ANYWAY with 2 little people in diapers it gets kinda pricey. We use cloth quite often...probably not enough, but they are in the house.

Back just before Christmas I thought 'we' were ready....but the day that was declared 'no more diapers' Buddy woke up with a fever. Really...I'll pick my battles...that was NOT the day to attempt it.
This past Monday was the day that there would be no more diapers (truthfully there were four left, but I snuck them out of his room and he never knew). We woke up Mon morning to find that some little boy had hidden ALL the under pants. REALLY. I'm SERIOUS! Now mind you this mama is smart so she found them. It didn't go well. We went thru a LOT of wet clothes that day. Tues I'll be honest was no better. This morning...AHHHHH...more wet clothes. For the love of all that is good and sacred how hard can it be????

Hard...hard for a kid whose senses aren't always organized like the rest of us. Hard for a kid who HATES being the center of attention and can't function when he is. HARD.
So I left him with daddy this morning and after getting him out of his wet clothes I put a cloth diaper on him. I simply said "I'm not buying you any more diapers...but until you decide to use the potty you can wear this" and left it at that. We then reviewed potty safety (no you won't fall in), where it all goes (down, down, down) and more. And then I left the house. With Miss Trible. Who announced quite loudly this morning while in Target "Mommy I POOOOO" THANK YOU. I begin to think I'm training the wrong child. *sigh*

However, when I got home Buddy had announced "Daddy, I need to potty" It took him 45 min but after flipping thru the Jo-Ann fabrics catalog he P'd in the potty! WOO HOO! High Five! Till we flushed it...and then he cried (not with him on it...I KNOW better than that!). He didn't want his P's to go away...well I'm not KEEPING them!

So goodbye least for Buddy...I'm done with you. Yes, we have a long road ahead of us...lots of days of working on this...but we're getting there.

Next up I think will be Miss Trible...exactly what will we do with all that extra $$ each month?