Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Last Mon (12/28) I took the littlest person in this house to the ER. Trust me...not my first choice of things to be doing in a snow storm...but necessary. We had been to her peds that morning and she was dx'd with an ear infection. That afternoon she woke up barking like a seal and struggling with her breathing. After a call to the peds office we were directed to the ER for an evaluation and breathing treatment. Fun times I tell you driving into the hospital in a snow storm with a small child who is barking and struggling to breath but we made it in. Now first off...our hospital is rated as 'one of the best' (or so says their advertising). We've always had great nurses, doctors, etc while we've been there. There is a children's hospital that I had the privilege of staying at for 8 days with buddy...I delivered all three of our children there. We've also had our fair share of ER visits. This ER visit was in their new peds ER...very kid friendly...
Now while we were there I asked the resident if I could give her some Tylenol...she had a fever and I knew she was due for some...sure she said...and then replied..."actually let me order some for you rather than use your own...save it for later" Sure why not? I mean I'm IN THE ER! It came at just about the same time steroid did and we got those into her and we were sent home.

Today I got the bill in the mail....well the one that gets sent to the insurance company that details the description of services:

E&M Lvl 3 Attn/Res/Gc $155.50 ~ this is for the 2 docs that evaluated her
Emergency facility Level 2 $166.00 ~ this is for our nice room that we played in for about 2 hours across from the nurses station (apparently toddlers who struggle with breathing get to be close by)
Dexameth Inj 1mg Qty 10 $0.70 ~ this is for the steroid...mixed with apple juice (I assume the juice was complimentary since they didn't list it)
Acetamin Drops 100 mg/ml 15 ml $4.37 ~ this is for the dose of generic Tylenol.

$4.37 for ONE dose of generic Tylenol. ONE DOSE! For that price I can go BUY an entire bottle of generic Tylenol...possibly even NAME brand if I found a coupon!

Does anyone else see a problem with this?


Anonymous said...

Wow. That is about all I can think of to say. Just wow!

Anonymous said...

Wow. That´s crazy!