Sunday, October 4, 2009

I wish....

I know I haven't been here in a while. Life happens and I'm in the trenches of parenting. Somedays it's harder than others.

I've been struck lately as I hear parents start of sentences with "I wish". You know "I wish the baby would sleep thru the night" or "I can't wait for the baby to start solids"
"I wish she were old enough/big enough so I could turn her around in her car seat"
"I wish he would feed himself"
"I wish he wouldn't make such a mess feeding himself" (funny how one wish brings another)
"I wish I could walk across the floor and not step on a car/doll/book/train/insert toy here"
"I wish he wouldn't use chalk on the door"
"I wish they could buckle themselves"
"I wish that tooth would just pop in"

The list could go on and on. Funny thing happens though ~ all those wishes will come true. And then you realize that time does not stand still. Your kids do grow up. Faster than you think. My wish is that I could stop time. That is my wish.
Seeing as I don't have that super-power I choose not to wish.
I'm thankful for chalk on the door and cheerios and fluffernutters on the floor. For skating across the kitchen floor on a random car and getting up at 3 am with a little girl who is teething and needs a snack. For changing diapers somedays all day. For a boy who needs his momma to 'sleep with' him at nap time so he stays in his bed. For doll clothes, and color books, and stickers and piles of school papers.
Some day there will not be a little person to decorate the door for fall with orange chalk. Or a snuggly little person in the wee hours of the morning. My son will think I'm weird for watching him sleep when he's a teenager. And homework papers will not be displayed proudly on the fridge.
No, for now I choose to enjoy stepping on day old cheerios or skating across the floor on a car. Someday it'll be gone and I'll be wishing it back.


TracyMichele said...

So true. No one said kids would be convenient. Convenience comes in the form of grandbabies. I say let's embrace the inconvenience while it lasts.

Mama H said...

Sniff...Sniff...Oh my word! I love this post! It's soooooo true!!!