Thursday, July 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Buddy

Happy 3rd Birthday Buddy. My little man. You don't know that today is your 'happy day'. This mama doesn't have it in her to make you two 'happy cakes'. However, tonight when I prayed with/over you before bed I thanked Jesus for sending you 3 years ago. I'm not sure you got what I was saying as you were too busy sobbing over the fact that you didn't like the pajama shorts you picked to wear and I refused to change them again.
You have grown so much in the last year and not just in height. Your vocabulary has exploded. One year ago you had exactly one word. "dada" Now you speak in complete sentences. You ask me questions like "What's that noise?" Lately you have been declaring your love and like for things ~ mostly trucks, scoops and tractors. Occasionally a food item. Rarely your mama. When you do say it I treasure it in the depth of my heart. Your favorite foods are muenster cheese, black olives, strawberries and just about anything chocolate. You have searched for chicken in your mouth (and ours). You drew your first self potrait recently. Unfortunately you insisted that you use color wonder markers on a piece of cardboard. Some things are just not worth fighting over. I have learned my little man that you are very set in what you think. If you say you are or are not going to do something you follow through. Someday I know I will be thankful for that quality in you...however for now it may bring your mama to her knees.
Happy Day my little man...happy day.

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