Sunday, June 28, 2009


Progress comes in small steps sometimes ~ rarely in large gigantic leaps like we'd all love to see. With Buddy it's small teeny-tiny baby steps. However once those teeny-tiny steps start and it turns into walking he takes off.
Over the last month to six weeks we've seen him (well at least it's been reported to us) that he's mimicking animal sounds in the nursery at church. First there were frowns, and scowls. Then he moved to growling and then the last few weeks it's been animal sounds. Cows, Lions, Elephants, Dogs ~ he's got a large repertoire.
Today though is the start of the running. He talked. He TALKED!!! In the nursery!! This is HUGE for him. I'm thrilled. I told him I was so proud of him for using his words. He smiled at me and said "Tank you mommy" (that TH blend is still a hard one sometimes) Now to keep the momentum going and that confidence growing. All the little changes though are working!
Would I like to have seen it happen six months ago? Yes. Would I have been as excited as I am today? Probably not. So progress in little steps is worth the wait don't you think?

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Mama H said...

Stepping stones...stepping stones. That's excellent news!!!!! I can only imagine how thrilled you are! :)