Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I flower you mama (or why I have no flowers in my garden)

My wonderful husband has taught buddy the importance of giving girls flowers. Specifically his mama. It started with a flower from an area that I was ripping up plants so really in my mind pick away. I being the mama that was SO appreciative of his generosity awarded my son with hugs and kisses (his future wife can thank me). Every girl likes flowers right? Welllll....my son...my wonderful, darling 2-1/2 year old catches on quicker than I think.

You see all my hycanith were next to bloom. He picked EVERY.SINGLE.ONE. and brought them to me "I flower you mama" oh yes you did. See what is a mama to do? I'm happy my son is bringing me flowers but out of my own flower garden? EH. Do you have ANY idea what 9 hycanith smell like in your house? Let me assure you STINKY. I like them outside. Not in my kitchen.

Next my tulips bloomed. Again he picks away. BUDDY! Stay OUT of mama's garden! First off he brings them to me in his dirty little hands and I kid you not they have a 2 inch stem on them. Putting them in a vase is nearly next to impossible. Secondly my flower garden is more of a green garden. There are a few dead tulips out there, but everything else is green leaves with these gigantic stems sticking up in the air. It really is quite a sight.

Something tells me though this will all end when the peonies bloom as they are covered with ants. If there is something my son does not like is bugs. I suspect when he gets ants crawling on him from trying to snap off peony blooms he will be done.

At least I hope so. *sigh* Someday I'll have flowers in my garden. Someday. Until then I have a vase of tulips with 2 inch stems in my kitchen (the hycaniths were banned to the garage).


Country Mouse said...

He LOVES you Mama!!! :)

Mama H said...

Perhaps some fake flowers for a portion of your yard might be a good investment for you...that way Buddy can pick 'those flowers' instead. He'll never know...hahahaha.