Friday, April 10, 2009

Camo Sleeping Beauty

Miss Lovergirl got this GINORMOUS set of coloring pages from my mom last week. All of one of her favorite princess' ~ Sleeping Beauty. She likes her because she's modest and keeps her body covered (FYI ~ Jasmine & Ariel ~ she is not a fan...learn to cover your body girls. )

Tonight after dinner she asked if she could color. Sure you can honey! Out comes the book that takes up half the table (and of course Buddy grabbed his to cover the other half) and she picks out a fresh picture of Sleeping Beauty. She starts coloring...and planning, and coloring. "Look mommy, in this picture she's outside" "mmhhm"

"I think I'll color the bottom of her dress camo"

And so she does. I of course being the cool mama that I am, jump in and help (it's a BIG dress people!). We had to sharpen those colored pencils a few times but in the end when it was done she declared "I think it looks Awe-sssooome"
I don't think he realizes EXACTLY how much influence he has on her.


Mama H said...

She looks GORGEOUS!!!! I love the camo evening attire. *WINK*

Country Mouse said...

S.B. looks BEAUTIFUL in her camo gown :) I will for sure pass this post along to Husband he will LOVE it :)

LadyJ said...

So sweet. I love that you jumped in to help that is so something I would have done. :)