Sunday, September 7, 2008

I have a confession....

I memorize license plates. that again. I memorize license plates. Not just random ones, but the ones of people that I know. Like my inlaws truck is #### XX. I know that it is their truck vs someone elses by the license plate.
I always knew it was 'different' that I did that, but my sister and mom both do the same thing. And so does my gramma. So it's 'in the family'.

However, until today I've never had to confess it to anyone other than my husband, or sister.

That is until Fri night came and I was driving home. I saw what I thought was a friends vehicle and I checked the plate - ### XX. Yep that's them. Hrm...wonder where they are going.

So today at church I said to her "not that I'm spying on you, but I saw your license plate on Friday night headed toward the store"


I explained how I just memorize those combinations and yes it is indeed weird.

It was at that point she said to me (and I know she loves me) "Really there has got to be a better use of your memory!"


I suppose it is no weirder than the fact that I have numerous phone numbers memorized...ones that I haven't dialed in oh say 20 years!


Mama H said...

I bet you loved the post from Country Mouse earlier this weekend...hahaha. BRANFLK

Heather W. said...

yes you are loved by me...even though you have stalker ;)

Country Mouse said...

You are a freak. But def. why I love you so much! :) Husband does the same thing with phone numbers... weirdo. :)