Thursday, June 12, 2008

Teaching Bad Habits

Last night was worship team practice. We don't normally go as D isn't normally preaching. This week he is though so he really needed to be there. The families of the worship team members all have dinner together first so hence the reason the kids & I tagged along. We made it thru dinner this week with out any mishaps. D explained a little of how this weeks service is going to work (we're singing in response to the preaching vs, singing to get ready for it) and then Ethan took over and got started on running thru songs. Buddy was MESMERIZED by it all. He's fascinated by Ethan anyway but having him mic'd and such just put it OVER.THE.TOP. So we let him stay in the practice while all the other kids went to play. He just stood there for the longest time and watched.
And that is the problem. It was not an eternity of him standing there. He got down and walked around our row we were sitting in a bit. Was still very quiet. And then the laughing from the stage started. And pointing. And then they were ALL laughing. And pointing at MY SON. He is standing on the end of a row with his shorts down at his ankles. (diaper still on!!!) WHAT is he doing??? I get up and RUN over and pull his shorts BACK UP and tell him we do NOT pull our shorts down. Of course at this point he already knows what he did was FUNNY and so he proceeds to do it again. Oh great guys THANKS A LOT. *smile* And again, and again. You get the idea. *SIGH* Wouldn't you know it's the pastor's kid who is doing this IN CHURCH!!!! I'm thinking on Sunday I'll dress him in overalls so hopefully we won't have a repeat performance.

Now while I did laugh under my breath because really he's not even two and the only reason his shorts come down so easily is because he's SO skinny (even with size 6-12 mos shorts on). However I don't want him to think this is 'normal behavior'. He is so cute though :)

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Mama H said...

Oh my...hahaha...I can only imagine how you felt!!! Overalls, suspenders, duct tape...whatever works! :)