Monday, March 10, 2008


Well at least in my dreams LOL.

With certain pregnancies I have very VIVID dreams. To the point that I scare my poor husband because I'm yelling Roomba in the middle of the night.
Yesterday and last night were not exception. Lets start with yesterdays...D took the kids to church. I napped on the couch. WELL...I slept SOUNDLY on the couch. My dream? Was that for some unknown reason my wonderful husband had only taken Lovergirl to church and left Buddy home with me. Not only did he leave him home, but he left him n*ked from the waist down. And so when I 'woke up' in my dream there were puddles ALL over the place. And I could hear him playing in the toy room. Pushing cars across the floor, drawing on things, etc. When I did REALLY wake up yes I did run into the toy room to see if he was there and I checked certain corners for puddles. Negative to both.

And then last night. Last night was when I had super-woman strength. See for some reason my grandparents house had been turned into somewhat of an office builidng. Julia & I worked there. It was snowing out and so I brought Lovergirl with me (she wanted to know if all the babies on the front lawn in mangers were baby Jesus). She stayed on the 'main' floor of the house (which oddly enough was still the house) while I went to work. I got into the elevator with Julia and well the elevator got stuck. So I reached into my purse and pulled out a screwdriver (all the while Julia is saying "You never want for anything when you're with Laurie") and I pried OPEN the doors and got us out. Oh and yes I am pregnant in the dream, but for the elevator part not nearly as large. (LOL) We then decided to make turkey sandwiches for lunch. Go figure.

Yeah I know...weird...


pinkmommy said...

I am having super crazy dreams too. They are usually are a combination of something I have watched on TV and my life. I have banned my eyes from scary or yucky movies.

Country Mouse said...

YES! I MADE THE DREAM!!!! :) :) SIDENOTE: You are a freak :)