Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Here it is...our LIST of why we think PINK :)

PG test turned positive INSTANTLY ~ Girl. With Lovergirl it turned instantly...with buddy it was a VERY faint line.
Little nauseau ~ Girl. With Lovergirl I had some all day sickness. With Buddy...um well I've never spittled so much in my WHOLE life
Extremely overactive Thyroid ~ Boy My thyroid was actually worse this time than it was with Buddy...
Insomnia at any and all hours ~ Girl ~ I can not sleep...Couldn't with Lovergirl, either. With buddy I could sleep ANY TIME...ANY WHERE. I've even tried a script to get me to sleep. THAT didn't help either!!
The craving of all junk food ~ Girl I won't share what I crave or what I've eaten....but yuck, yuck...with Lovergirl it was the same way. With Buddy? Couldn't stand the SIGHT of the stuff!
My hair & nails growing like crazy ~ Girl ~ My hair & nails did not grow much with Buddy. With Lovergirl growing thick hair, and nails that needed to be trimmed every few days....
My hair not falling out ~ Girl ~ my hair continued to fall out with Buddy...Lovergirl? NOPE!
My blood pressure all messed up ~ Girl ~ if we all remember correctly Lovergirl gave me a TON of problems when I was pg with her. Buddy? No problems until week 37. This time around? It mirrors my PG with Lovergirl.

Gianed weight in my butt first - GIRL. UGH. Not saying ANYMORE on that one. With Buddy my belly popped out first.
Weird skin things - GIRL. Didn't have them with buddy...had them with Lovergirl. They're baaaccck!
And the final straw for the Girl vs Boy debate....is one old lady hair.

When I was pregnant with Lovergirl I had this weird one old lady hair (you know the white ones I'm talking about) that grew on the side of my chin. UGH. I was MORTIFIED. I remember discovering it one day when I couldn't figure out WHY my face kept itching. I plucked it and prayed it would NEVER return.
Well guess what I found in the SAME exact spot this time around? YEP. That just AWFUL old lady hair. *SIGH*. And as hubby says...how can you argue with an old lady hair????

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