Monday, March 3, 2008

Baby, Baby

So Bed Rest it is folks. For at least until the 19th of March. To recap.....
Sat evening my blood pressure went VERY high - 156/103 and I called the office. The on-call dr called me back in a matter of minutes, got some info from me and directed me into the hospital ASAP to the labor & delivery unit for monitoring and a lab work-up. Every lab they ran came back not only good, but PERFECT. And seriously I mean PERFECT. Baby was active and my blood pressure stabilized and so they sent us back home with instructions of being on strict bed rest. I could get up to potty, shower, and eat meals (That I have NOT prepared ~ she even put that in!!). So we got home on Sunday around 1:30 am. Oh and I had no swelling, no face itching, no headaches, or blurred vision.
So today was my regular OB visit with an ultrasound first. Baby is still in position, and with a head in the 97th% it's not going anywhere. Rest of baby is in the 61st%. Baby weighs 5lbs 9oz! Plenty of fluid, baby practiced breathing, etc for the ultrasound. Wasn't too cooperative for the 4D pic's, but we can tell baby has some fat
Then came the OB visit. Our nurse starts out "So how's it going? How was your weekend?" Um...if you're asking me questions like that then you don't know I was in the hospital over the weekend!!!! It seems Dr S, never sent Dr R a note with my hospital visit, NOR did the hospital send over my lab work, or BP results. Sooooooo she frantically made some phone calls to get stuff. She got my BP's, but no lab results. (Thankfully I knew them) So Dr R decided that she's keeping my meds the way that they are for now, and keeping me on bedrest. I do have the freedom to be up for about one hour a day (that doesn't include potty, shower & eating), but that one hour can NOT be scrubbing floors, cleaning the sink, or fixing big meals. Can I throw something in the crockpot? Yes. Can I get my mail? Yes. Can I get Sam a cup of milk? Yes. Can I shovel snow? NO. (I didn't ask the last me, I haven't been able to move snow for months!) And she put me on the two times a week schedule for appts. I go now every Monday for an ultrasound, and every Thursday for a NST. Her next goal for me is to get to March 19th with baby still cooking. That will be 36 weeks and at that point if we want/need to deliver she'll do it with out a second thought b/c we won't have protocals to follow at the hospital for a baby being born 'early'. Even though we have healthy big babies, rules are rules. D jokes that it only takes my body 8 months to cook a baby vs the standard 9. We are still aiming for March 26th though, because obviously the longer we go the better off baby will be.

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