Wednesday, March 19, 2008

36 weeks in words

I'm not posting a picture...cause I have bed head. And probably will for the next week. I woke up this morning with VERY high blood pressures, some nausea and a headache. LOVELY. Called the dr and met her at her office at 8:30 this morning. I also volutarily increased my blood pressure meds before heading in (which she confirmed was the right thing to do). She put me on the monitor and baby's activity was GREAT. Then we drew labs and sent me home. And wouldn't you know they were PERFECT. So here I am on the couch for the next week. *SIGH* This staying on the couch needs to work or she'll put me in the hospital. Simple as that. I would rather that NOT happen. So here I sit...or lay as the case may be. So the plan is now to call her tomorrow with my readings. Friday I have an appt at 8 am for an ultrasound and ob check. We'll decide at that point if we're going to do an amnio on Friday or wait until Tuesday. If we do it on Friday and it's good then we could possibly do the c-section on Sat (not my first choice). If it's questionable then we'll do another amnio on Tuesday. If there is no delivery this weekend then we'll go in on Monday for an appt (for what I don't know). Then Tues an amnio and Wed C-section (if the amnio is good). *SIGH* Please pray the amnio is good...cause I'm getting SICK of all of this.

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Country Mouse said...

THANK you for the update. Now keep them coming. :) No more tongue lashings for you missy!!! ~ JACK