Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Holy Head

Um yeah, those were the words the nurse practitioner used at my appt today. She was checking babys position and could tell that jr mint not only has a BIG head, but is in position. (which I knew anyway ~ seeing I can't button my jeans!!!!) McKenzie wanted to make sure I wasn't having any incision pain (which I'm not) and no contractions (which I'm not) because of where jr mint is positioned. Then she checked last weeks ultrasound notes - head in the 91st%. Um yeah, there's no other place for that head to be!!!!
McKenzie also STRONGLY encouraged me to get everything in order by next weeks appt. Not that anyone wants this baby to come this early (we surely do not!!!). But we need to be ready for when it does happen. Lots to do this weekend....lots to do.......

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Anonymous said...

Good thing there is a scheduled C-section when the nurse is making comments like THAT :) ~ Julia