Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Dr's appts for the day (Part one)

Buddy had his dr's appt with Dr K yesterday morning. It was not completely what I wanted hear. ok well it wasn't what I wanted to hear at all, but I knew what I wanted to hear wasn't going to happen because I could read the ultrasound. Soo......
The cyst is still there. It's just about 9mm which the size hasn't really changed over the past 17 mos and 3 ultrasounds. However, it's not a 'typical' looking cyst (nothing is 'typical' in our house now is it???) Most cysts are very "O" shaped. Clean edges, clean in the middle. Buddy's is not. Buddy's is more jagged edges with markings in the middle. That is more tumor-like but his is clearly not a tumor, but instead a cyst. It could be that we 'caught' it changing on the sono and this just happens to be how his looks when it's increasing or decreasing in size. It could be that for him this is how PKD will develop. (Which makes me wonder what mine all look like). Dr K said that if it were changing significantly, or Buddy had signifcant kidney problems to go along with it then he'd order a CT scan. He doesn't think that is necessary right now b/c the boy is healthy, and has had no kidney issues. He also said that's a LOT of unnecessary radition for such a little guy AND we'd have to sedate him for the CT scan. We'll ultrasound it again in a year and go back in for a visit. If he has ANY health changes in the next year that are either unexplained, or specifically kidney related (infections, etc) we need to call him and we will do the CT scan but otherwise at this point all is well. His hydronephrosis (which was the original thought from when I was PG with him and was having ultrasounds) is non-existant so that is crossed off the list.
We scheduled our appt for next year and we'll go from there. I'm praying that next year when we check the cyst is gone.

I'll update later on my dr's appt which wasn't spectacular yesterday afternoon. *sigh* going to attempt some more meds and see if I can't get some sleep!

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Jenn said...

I'll be praying for him!