Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Dr's appts for the day (Part 2) Two Minute Warning

It's the two minute warning here folks. That was sounded yesterday afternoon at the dr's. I arrived at my appt a few minutes early only to discover that the sonographer was running 30 min behind. I swear that woman has no sense of time. Anyway when she took me and we started doing some measurements she discovers that jr. mints growth rate has dropped. Not terrible, but not good either. Jr Mint did give us a thumbs up as if to say "I'm good, now leave me alone"
The nurse checked my iron level because I'm feeling exhausted and run down. Oh's down even more than it was before. 9.5 from 10.8 Double not good. My blood pressure is up. Ok so you get the idea WHERE this is going. So when Dr R comes in she wants to know what in the world is going on. We talk about the last two days around here (which has now spilled into this morning) of how if I don't laugh, surely I will cry. Oh and the coffee I had (not decaf) on the way to the appt. I told her I NEEDED the coffee because I was SO tired. I am still taking the Tylenol PM and it's helping me fall asleep, just not STAY asleep. If I take two I hallucinate (people, animals, etc in the house ~ not pretty). She says I'm allowed ONE stress high BP and this is the one she's granting me. From there she rights me out a script for Ambien. Gives me the 'warnings' about taking it (getting up and eating everything in the kitchen, going outside, etc). Suggests to not start it until Fri night when D is home on Sat. She also says I need to cut back and take it easy around the house. Anyone who knows me knows how difficult this is for me. I see a mess I want to clean it. Currently there is 1/4 pot of coffee under my kitchen stove because it overflowed this morning when I made decaf. I can't move the stove b/c surely I would be in a heap of trouble. So instead its driving me up a freakin' wall. In addition I have to start taking my iron supplement 2 times a day. LOVELY. Nap every afternoon. Oh and come back next week. So there you have it I'm on the every week schedule now. One week we'll do a Non-Stress Test, and the opposite week we'll do an ultrasound. The upmost priority right now is taking it easy and getting this baby to grow because we are most likely not going to make it to our scheduled C. Taking it easy means cutting back on housework, and doing everything I can to get some more sleep. More sleep means a less tired mommy, a less stressed mommy, lower blood pressure and baby stays cooking for a while longer. All VERY good things. Tonight hubby and I are going to attempt to arrange for someone to come once a week to help with housework ~ mopping, vacuuming, cleaning the bathrooms. I can keep up with the daily stuff - like wiping down the counters, and folding the laundry. But I can't mop. I surely can't carry the vacuum up the stairs never mind actualy vacuum the floors! And well I'm not sure the last time the tub got cleaned.
And then this weekend it was kindly suggested by our dr that we start getting the baby stuff out and ready to go. As one of these appts she's just going to say "head up to the hospital"

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