Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Oh Baby!

Yesterday was our Dr's appt with Anne. We were excited about the appt ~ strictly because of the ultrasound. We were not so excited because we knew restrictions were coming.
The sonographer was 25 minutes behind. Thankfully our appt was in the same office, but it still messes with everyones schedules.
Baby was very cooperative, active and normal. And for the first time EVER right in the middle of where Baby is supposed to be growth wise. For us this is AMAZING as both Lovergirl and buddy were bigger than 'average' at this point. I have been praying for an average, cooperative child :)
We choose not to find out girl or boy ~ we'll wait for the surprise in April. Of course everyone in the office couldn't believe we really didn't find out! Even Anne said "hrmpf she won't even tell me" Which I replied with "You are the first to know ANYWAY. You announce it in the OR!" That made her smile. (of course I have my opinion of what we're having)

Our appt though was not so great. My blood pressure went up over the weekend. Dern stress & Martha turkey. I've had to up my meds, stop cleaning houses (even my own...YUCK!) and kick up my feet. Anyone who knows me though knows this is a real struggle for me. I don't like to be idle. However, I will be idle for a healthy baby. We go back in 2 weeks for a blood pressure check (was completely expecting this!) and we'll re-evaluate my meds at that time. Plus I'll be getting a little log book today to start checking my blood pressures at home more regularly and bringing them to each appt with me. That really helps for her to gauge what it REALLY is.
Hopefully in the next few days I can scan in a picture we got from our ultrasound and post it. Baby is cute!

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