Thursday, November 15, 2007

He Escaped

I was sitting at my desk in the kitchen, listening to the kids play ~ one to my right in the toy room, and then one to my left in the sun room. Or so I thought. I realized I was feeling a cold breeze. That's odd the wood stove is going. In the sun room.

Then I hear a noise that makes me get up. I think DS is digging the dirt out of my plant again (in the sun room).

No instead he's escaped. The door to the garage is WIDE open.

I panic. I yell his name. It's pitch dark outside (at 5pm)

He's in the garage sweeping and drawing with chalk. He's almost 16 mos old and can open the door apparently. Needless to say I know what I want for Christmas. One of those things that dings when the door opens. *sigh*


TracyMichele said...

yikes. Time for a hook and eye latch at the top of the doors!

~ Laurie said...

yeah - unfortunately he already knows how to push chairs over and climb up on them. That would only be a temporary fix.