Friday, November 2, 2007

Finish It Friday

Today is Finish It Friday around here. Trying to Finish up some started projects that I've yet to complete for various reasons.
So far I've FINISHED planting my bulbs! There was some help from the kids on this's hoping their "help" still allows my bulbs to appear in the spring :)

I've also FINISHED my 2 lamps that needed to be painted. They're outside drying on the front lawn as I type this right now. I have one more thing to FINISH from this's hoping I can get it done before bed tonite!

I'm thinking I'll make this a regular feature of my blog! Look for it on Fridays (hrm...I gotta get someone to make me a snazzy little banner or something for it)

So tell me what projects are you finishing up today so they won't haunt you over the weekend?


TracyMichele said...

I was JUST working on my list for this weekend. Finish it Sat/Sun.. does that still count? hehe

Karen T. said...

Hi Laurie! Lets see...I am afraid the only thing I finished on Friday was the school week and a very busy week!! :) But I love your "Finish it Friday" idea!! Yeah, get a banner... Maybe you could have other blogs sponsor it like the "Tackle it Tuesday." I would do it over at mine and track it back to you with a link if you want. :) Have a great Lord's Day! Love, Karen