Sunday, October 28, 2007

Two down, two to go.....

Buddy and I have both been sick. Buddy of course got his after his check-up this week and one shot. *sigh* (Ok lets not debate shots. We all do what we believe is best for our family) Anyway he's sick. Just a cold but he's a crank to say the least. And then he shared it with his loving pregnant mama. Who is very limited on what she can take so that she can sleep, and breathe. Two very important things. Yesterday I was hoping to not get out of my jammies. However the rec dept here in our town finds it necessary that 3 & 4 year olds HAVE soccer in the mist & rain showers. SERIOUSLY. It was the last day and I was expecting miss Lovergirl to get a certificate of completion. So my mil came over to stay with Buddy (THANK YOU!) so I didn't have to take him with me. Not to mention wake him up. However here is how the afternoon played out. I put him down for nap for him to not. fall. asleep. That's right he was in his bed for HOURS and not once did he stop yappin' up there. Miss Lovergirl and I went to soccer and on our team 3 kids showed up - and NO COACH. On the other team one kid and NO COACH and on the 3rd team NO KIDS AND NO COACH. GGRR. Ok I know they are only 3 & 4 but you know what? If the kids are going then the coach needs to get his butt out of the woods or his lazyboy or whatever else he's doing and be there! Plus the kids all have to sign a letter of commitment on being there. We take that very seriously in our house. So no certificate, no coach and no real team to speak of. So the few parents that were there played the kids. I stood under the canopy with my hot chocolate as I'm thinking Anne would not be too happy to see her pregnant patient running on a wet soccer field in crocs :)
And now I'm waiting for Lovergirl to get up this morning and be hacking and sneezing like I have been. Two of us have had this wretched cold....Two to go.... The only thing they have going for them is this house stinks like lysol, D has been at work since Friday, and Lovergirl scrubs for surgery when she washes her hands. I'm pretty sure she washes to her arm pits.

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