Sunday, October 28, 2007


Today I was reading the Sunday paper and perusing the wedding announcements. One young lady worked at DeLorme. Ah yes, the good 'ol days. Not that I'd trade what I do now, for working and being gone 50 hours a week, but yes it was fun. I got the privelage for 5 years of working with a great group of people. Ok well I was there 5 years. Most of them made it thru my 4th year. Huge layoff. Big Mess. Anyway, before the big layoff my "cube mate" Barb and I along with another co-worker Terri discovered this little hole in the wall place called Sharon's. Homemade food. Cheap. Some of it greasy. But Cheap. We used that place to escape to many days at lunch. To get away. Fume. Vent. Decompress. Enjoy the fries. No one ever found us there. Most people didn't even know it was there. We tried other places with a little more class if you will. We always got found. Never at Sharon's. I remember the day we took a new co-worker Tom there. He could never figure out where we had gone. He asked for Iced Tea with Lemon. She (Sharon that is) brought him his iced tea and slapped down the plastic lemon with the juice inside. I thought he might die. Anyway after the big layoff, I didn't frequent Sharon's as much. Barb was gone, Terri had been gone for a while and frankly Tom wasn't great at going there. And if I needed to escape it was usually from him. Now Sharon's is closed. One of my favorite things to get there was the BLT with fries and either a lemonade (not the fresh squeezed kind either) or a pepsi. Complete with a pickle on the plate. All for $6 including the tip. It didn't get much better than that. Today I missed Sharon's. So I changed the menu for tonight to BLT's with fries & fake lemonade. The fries weren't nearly as greasy, but the bread was just as good. And the lemonade ~ just like she served it.

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