Friday, July 13, 2007

Hit the Sale!

Today Lovergirl and I had some errands to run this morning. First a trip to Dr Berman's office for a strap for her glasses. And to boot they adjusted them for her even though we didn't purchase them there ~ score! One less place to stop. His office is the ONLY place I can find the preschool sports straps. So I didn't have much of an option on where to go.

From there we went to IParty to look for invites for Buddy's first birthday. Um - no Clifford. Apparently Clifford wasn't popular enough so the discontinued it. GRRR. From there we went to Target, to see what they had. Of course no Clifford, but I did find Red plates & Red Napkins for the party on CLEARANCE! SWEET! Then we went to the toy department and Lovergirl picked out a toy for Buddy - which was on sale. I found a present for him...on clearance. WOO HOO!
And then - the crayola rainbow rake on clearance....for half-price thankyouverymuch, AND the chalk stompers....AGAIN...on clearance...again thankyouverymuch!
Seriously - everything I bought today in Target was on Sale, or clearance. So if you need birthday gifts, or want to do some early Christmas shopping....RUN to Target :)

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