Thursday, July 26, 2007

Breaking into the house

Yes, that's what I did yesterday afternoon - I broke in thru the bathroom window. I was busy in the kitchen while the kids were playing. About 20 min before Emma shut the bathroom door so Sam would not go in. He was driving cars up and down the hall. Well apparently the door wasn't shut tight. Sam pushed it open and went in. As soon as I heard it shut I knew what had happened and flew to the bathroom. Too late. Sam opened the vanity drawers and I couldn't get it in. I could push the door open slightly but not enough to get my fingers in and push the drawers shut. He's in there LAUGHING. I'm not happy. I of course start to panic about the toilet. Called the in-laws to ask them to help me break in. Grabbed a ladder and went out back. I started fiddling with the window trying to get the screen up. Emma is standing inside talking to Sam cause he now realizes he can't get out and he is SCREAMING. I can't get the screen up, so I get all the storm windows down. Darn - too high to pick Lovergirl up and lower her in. I call D at work and they have him call me back. Do I have permission to break the screen or the door to get in (giving him the option of which one would be easier for him to replace). Meanwhile Buddy is laying on the bathroom floor wailing. Tears are streaming down his face. And then I see it - that little rubber gasket thing around the edge of the screen. I pulled it...viola! I can get the screen out. At this point (which was about 20 min after he went in there) my in-laws drive in, and my fil gets the screen pushed in. We lower Lovergirl into the bathroom (she was MAD she didn't want to go in) and I ran into the house. Lovergirl pushed the drawers in and opened the door. AAAAHHH! My baby! He sobbed in my arms for about 10 more minutes.
Needless to say - my project for this afternoon - install those child safety things on my bathroom draws only so he can't open them in lock himself in


Tracy said...

Oh, I have SO been there. I locked Maxine in the house when she was 18 mos. The only way in was a 2nd story window. Luckily you had family close.. I had to call the fire department! Talk about feeling like the Mamma of the Year. ugh. Glad he is ok.

Mom of Faith said...

I don't know weather to laugh or hug you!! Oh, I'll just give you a hug (((hugs)))