Wednesday, July 25, 2007

4 going on 24

I took Lovergirl with me to run errands the other morning so we could go from errands to swim lessons. Our first stop was D & H convenience on the corner of 5 & 35. It was rush hour so the place was buzzing with people on their way to work stopping to fill up and grab their cup of joe. I pumped the gas, and then we went in to pay. Now first let me say Lovergirl is wearing a white dress, with a pink ruffle & pink flowers on it. Very much a Sunday dress, but I was not up for getting her to change her mind that morning. She also had on her matching pink clickers. So I get her out of the van, and go up to pay and as I'm waiting for my receipt I look down to see what she's doing. (Julia - sit down)
She is standing in the store with her cell phone (which BTW - is real just doens't work) and is going 'yes, oh...really?' Seriously I wanted to just burst out laughing. She fit right in with every other person in there dressed for work, chatting away... that's my girl!

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Anonymous said...

LOVE it :) :) and I love she was all matchy match with her pink clickers!! :) ~ Julia