Monday, June 4, 2007

The Power of Super Glue

Yesterday I was wiping down the counter here and found my mil's 4 lady-bug magnets - minus the actual magnet part. Later on I found the 4 magnet parts and figured I could fix them for her. Enter the super glue. Now mind you my wonderful husband has always been the super gluer in our house. It's just the way it worked out. He has the clamps to hold together whatever is being glued. This is a simple task that I can do ~ or so I think. So I lay the four magnets out on the counter and get the glue on the first one. I then promptly press the lady bug down and watch the glue squish out ALL over the place. I run for a papertowel and then pick up the bug, glue & magnet. I then touch glue. And then papertowel. UGH. I GLUED MY THUMB TO THE PAPERTOWEL. Enter my husband and so I confess that I have indeed never used super glue before so I *may* have squeezed the tube, and *may* have put too much on it.
This morning I picked off the last of the glue/towel/skin mixture.
My husband finished gluing the ladybugs to their magnets....I have learned my lesson - gluing is for him!

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