Wednesday, June 6, 2007

hand me downs and frosty floats

Today my friend Melissa stopped by with 3 (yes count them 1-2-3) HUGE bags of clothes for Emma. YES! Now granted most of this stuff won't fit her for another year or two, but there are some NICE clothes in here. Some good play clothes too....but overall everything is SO nice. And MODEST! I love it! I don't have to convince her that something 'doesn't fit' or isn't 'nice' because it's innappropriate for her to wear. I'm happy to report we'll be keeping EVERYTHING we received :) Love that A is 2 years older than Emma!

Sam ended up at the dr today ~ seriously I knew what the problem was and I knew how to 'fix' the problem but alas he needed to be seen. Plus we needed to discuss the very rude nurse that was on the phone with me yesterday. (Needless to say it won't happen again). After his appt I ran thru the drivethru at Wendy's and purchased a frosty float ~ and I must say I am HIGHLY dissappointed in it. Frankly it was nasty. I dumped it out. I did enter my code at but will never purchase another one. BLECH. Consider this a public service announcement to not waste your $1.99 on the wretched thing.

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