Thursday, May 31, 2007

Tired of Bottles

I'm tired of seeing these bottles kicking around. I'm not tired of snuggling my little boy but I'm tired of having to wash bottles every day. Especially when he just needs a quick drink. So we're busy working on a cup. He's been sipping out of a cup for a few months now but now I'm pushing the cup a little bit more. For instance right now he's sitting next to me up to the table finishing his breadstick, saying 'uh-oh' (who knows what is about to happen) and drinking out of his cup. He does REALLY well with it at the table. Guess because he's strapped in and can't go anywhere. :) If you give it to him for a quick drink though he throws it at me. (Yes at 10 mos my son can throw a cup - I'm really in for it!) He's learning though if he wants a drink it's the cup he gets during the day. However when he first gets up in the morning we still do a bottle - that's my time to snuggle in with him and he chows 9-10 oz and then promptly gets up to the table and out-eats his 4 year old sister. Anyone who says a baby's tummy is only as big as their fist apparently hasn't met Sam! I never knew a child could eat this much. I always thought Emma was filling a hollow spot other than her stomach ~ but Sam really takes the cake on this one! I fear for when he's a teenager ~ my grocery bill is going to be outrageous. Well for now we'll keep working on that cup :)

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