Thursday, February 8, 2007

What a week!

I mentioned in a previous post Emma had a little cold. Well wouldn't you know the girl has learned to share and shared it with Sam. Last Friday night when we went to bed I could hear the mucus coming out of Sam's nose. UGH. Poor kid. He was up about every hour and a half that night. Not fun one bit. Saturday he was tired and took good naps, but didn't eat real well - but no big deal right? WRONG. Sat night daddy packs to go to Kentucky and we put the kids to bed. We ourselves start to head up the stairs at 9:30 pm and there is this awful screeching coming from our room. Yes - Sam is screaming at the top of his lungs. Poor baby. I pick him up and put him in bed with me, and he's sobbing. I kiss his forehead and the boy is buring up. I get up give him Tylenol and call the dr as his breathing sounds 'off'. By 11:30 they called me back (mental note - before the nurse calls back always ask who is on call....little did I know Dr O was on call over the weekend...) We review the symptoms and she listens to him breathe ~ and directs us to take him to the ER via the ambulance. UM...we'll drive. So my mom comes over and we take him in. MMC ER here we come. Of course they take his temp ~ no fever...his lungs are clear. Great. I'm feeling like a big weirdo for bringing him in. Until they look in his ears. They are FLAMING red. Yes my boy has an ear infection after having a runny nose for just over 24 hours. SIGH. This is not good. They give us a prescription and home we go. D showers and finishes packing and leaves. I crawl into bed at 4:30 am. Yes I got 2 hours of sleep before Emma got up....SIGH. Today is Thursday and I'm still catching up on my sleep. Of course with D gone I don't sleep as well.
So glad this is D's first weekend off - yes that's right. His first whole weekend off in over a year. I'm SO looking forward to this :)

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