Monday, February 12, 2007

Birthday Parties, Laundry and other happenings

What a busy weekend! We attended two birthday parties.

Ameliah turned 6 ~ and her party was on Saturday. Lots of food, a great ice cream cake and presents. Emma enjoyed playing with her cousins and HOPEFULLY avoided getting the nasty virus that's going around. But that's for another post ;) We came home and she CRASHED for a very long 3 hour nap. Which worked out well so that we could watch Charlie Brown that night. Charlie Brown is so much fun.
Sunday brought church and another birthday party. Tyler turned 4! It was a fun party with lots of friends from church. Great games, pizza, cake & ice cream, and crafts. Emma enjoyed herself SO much. So much in fact that Marne has 'raised the bar' for birthday parties in our house.....Crafts & the go-kart game have been requested for Emma's birthday....crafts - no problem. Still trying to figure out the games. It was also a great opportunity for me to chat with some people from our new church.

Today was laundry day at mom's. YUCK.

I hate doing laundry...despise it...well I take that back. I hate doing laundry all day at my mom's. I miss having a dryer. I have a washer here...but no dryer. And really it takes FOREVER to dry stuff inside. And with 2 kids it's next to impossible to keep up! Plus given that Emma outgrew her pants overnight I don't have time to wait for them to dry on the drying rack.

Tonight I'm making a couple of meals for a friend that is expecting. She and her family all have the nasty virus that's going around on top of being pregnant. Smells are making her SO sick. Originally I was bringing it in my crock pot. Instead I'm cooking it tonight and letting her heat it up as the want it. Less smell that way

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tracy said...

Ahhh.. the days of taking laundry out. I remember them well. Ever consider hitting a laundromat? You could throw a few loads in one of those giant dryers, run to the store for a few items and then go pick it all up. Fold at home. Might save you the frustration of sitting and watching them dry.