Sunday, December 30, 2012


On Christmas eve our little family did what we normally do at bed time.  Pajamas on.  Brush teeth.  Pile into our bed for Bible and prayer.  Wrestle over the blankets and who is laying where.  Don and I had reviewed together what our expectations for Christmas morning would look like.  The kids are getting older and so we knew we could change things a bit.  We knew though that we needed to tell them the night before what those expectations were.
When they come downstairs that they could immediately play with their gift from Santa, and open their stocking.  After that we would read the Christmas story before we opened any gifts.

In order to help cement it in, we decided they should tell us (besides were they really listening with all the fidgeting and giggling?).
So we asked what happens first and Sam took the lead on answering the questions:

"First we wake up"  Gotcha.  Good point.

"Okay, then what?"

"Then we come downstairs"  Ahhh!  Almost forgot that.  They have to come downstairs.

"What happens after you come down stairs?"

"Then we scream."

We all started laughing.

I'd like to say that it happened differently on Christmas morning, but it was exactly as he said.  First they woke up.  Then they came downstairs.  Lastly they screamed.

They did get our expectations, and it was a wonderful Christmas morning.  Even with the scream!

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